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5 Signs It’s Time For A New Toilet

The toilet takes care of our dirtiest messes (literally) and is something we don’t think about much. Eventually, though, it will be time to get a new toilet. Here are five signs you may need a new toilet sooner rather than later. 

  1. Cracked bowl

A small crack on the exterior of the bowl may not be a big deal, but if you notice it getting wider and longer, then you should head over to your local home improvement store and get a new toilet bowl.

Keep in mind that a chip in the porcelain is not the same as a crack. Chips don’t look great, but they’re typically harmless.

  1. Discoloration

Older toilets may slowly lose their shine and start to develop a weathered look. Newer toilets have a finished protective coating that helps them stay a pristine white.

You may want to replace your old toilet with a new one if the old one just doesn’t seem to fit in with the modern fixtures in your bathroom.

  1. Stubborn toilet bowl ring

If you’ve not kept up with cleaning the inside of the toilet bowl, then over time you’ll notice a stubborn toilet bowl ring. If you’ve tried your best to get rid of it, then the only solution may be to just get a new toilet bowl.

  1. Cracked tank

If you have a two-piece toilet, then a cracked bowl won’t require getting a new tank (and vice versa). The toilet tank is typically thinner than the toilet bowl and may crack or shatter if something heavy falls on it or bumps into it. If you notice a crack inside the tank, then you can be sure the crack will eventually form all the way through the tank and cause a serious leak. 

Typically, you can order a new tank that fits with the toilet bowl, rather than buying a new toilet bowl, too.

  1. Cracked tank lid

A toilet lid is designed to help prevent evaporation — saving you water and money — keeps items from falling into the tank, and makes the filling and flushing process much quieter. Depending on how bad the crack is, the most you’ll have to do is get a new lid.

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