3 Easy Electrical Repairs Homeowners Can Make On Their Own

Modern life is quite literally powered by electricity. Without it, electronics would be useless, the Internet would not exist, and we’d be stuck burning candles for light.

Problems with the electrical system are more than an inconvenience — they can interfere with our daily lives. Fortunately, there are a few electrical repairs that homeowners can make on their own.

How to replace a light switch

Once you’ve bought the correct light switch, turn off power to the light switch at the main circuit breaker box. Then, remove the old wall plate and check to make sure the power to the switch is off. To disconnect the old switch, remove the screws and pull out the switch and attached wires, being careful not to damage the wiring. 

Unscrew all wires and attach the new wires to the new switch. Reattach the new switch to the switch box and flip the breaker box switch “on” to make sure the outlet has power. Then, turn the breaker switch back off and attach the plate. Turn on the breaker box switch.

How to replace an electrical outlet

Turn off power for the circuit at the breaker box and confirm that the power to the outlet has been turned off. Check the service panel to see if there may be another circuit powering the outlet and test the outlet again.

Unscrew the wall plate and gently pull out the receptacle. Double check the wires for power using a tester probe and then determine the size of the receptacle. Next, snip and restrip damaged wire ends using a wire stripping tool. Install the new receptacle, restore power to the outlet, and test it.

How to replace a light fixture

Begin by turning off power to the room you’ll be working in and use a circuit test to make sure the power is off. Remove the old fixture and inspect the electrical box in the ceiling where the fixture was attached. Tighten any loose screws and follow manufacturer’s instructions for attaching the new fixture’s wires to your home’s existing wires.

Then, secure the base or canopy and install the light bulbs. Finish by attaching the trim and cover to the light fixture.

If you have any questions about making any of these repairs, or would like assistance, call Tucker Hill!