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4 Reasons To Skip DIY And Hire A Licensed Electrician

Flickering lights? Strange smell coming from an outlet? You might be tempted to do a Google search to find a DIY solution. Or a YouTuber might convince you electrical repairs are no biggie. 

The truth is, unless you have serious training in making electrical repairs, you’re taking on risks that could be avoided. 

Here are a few reasons to avoid DIY electric repairs and call Tucker Hill for professional service.

Cost Effective

DIY repairs may seem cheap and quick, but hiring an electrician is usually more cost effective than doing the work yourself.

Electricians make a serious effort to stay up to date on the latest safety codes and changes in electrical systems. A DIY YouTube video made a few years ago may not incorporate the latest changes or apply to homes in your geographic location. Only a local, licensed electrician will know exactly what needs to be done to make the repairs.

Increased Safety

If your electrical system is outdated, a DIY fix won’t get the job done. Not to mention, you’re risking your own safety.

An electrician knows which precautions to take with outdated electrical systems to prevent an electrical fire. A licensed electrician can also install a whole-home surge protector to prevent power surges from damaging electronics and appliances.

Saved Time

Scheduling an appointment takes minutes, while scouring the Internet for a solution, buying the necessary tools, and trying to make the repair yourself will take hours, if not days. You’ll not only waste time, but likely become frustrated if the DIY fix doesn’t seem to work.

Do yourself a favor and leave electrical repairs to the experts. Licensed electricians have the equipment, expertise, and experience necessary to get the job done quickly and professionally.

Peace of Mind

Did the DIY fix work? Or was it just a temporary fix? You won’t know until a more serious electrical problem arises, possibly as a result of poor DIY repairs.

A licensed electrician can explain the root cause of the problem and outline the steps he’ll take to get it fixed. You’ll know exactly what was wrong and what was done to fix it. No guesswork, just peace of mind.

Call Tucker Hill today for a professional electrical inspection and repair.