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5 Backyard Lighting Ideas For The Fall Season

With temperatures getting cooler, many homeowners are spending evenings in their backyards, watching the sunset and simply enjoying the end of a long day or week. If you’ve not given much thought to the lighting design of your backyard, here are a few ideas to consider.

  1. Directional landscape lighting

Before heading out to buy the prettiest lights at your local home decor store, take a walk through your backyard to identify features and spaces you’d like to highlight. Rocks, waterfalls, textured surfaces, shrubbery, and trees can be illuminated to really capture the essence of these spaces.

  1. Higher levels of lighting

Chandeliers, pendant lights, and wall sconces can be used to draw the eye upward and also serve as decorative fixtures. Choose lighting that complements your furniture, architectural style, and garden colors. You could also string bistro lights over a dining table to create a festive mood.

Wall sconces can help highlight wall patterns and designs and also serve as ambient lighting. Be sure to consider the style of the light fixture and choose a bulb color temperature that matches.

  1. Walkway lighting

Well done walkway lighting adds a polished feel to a patio and helps to highlight unique ground elements, such as stepping stones. Be sure to consider the functional benefits of walkway lighting to avoid overdoing it or choosing fixtures that won’t blend into the environment.

  1. Feature wall lighting

Feature walls have become a popular design trend used both indoors or outdoors. When planning an outdoor feature wall, consider adding lights to highlight the texture and presence of the wall. You could also use light fixtures to create an eye-catching pattern that will serve as a focal point in a space. Another lighting idea is to mix materials, such as stone and wood, and choose interesting colors.

  1. Smart lighting

Having to turn lights on and off every evening can be a time consuming task that modern homeowners would rather automate. Smart lighting can also make it easy to adjust illumination levels, depending on the occasion.

Time To Light It Up!

With so many lighting trends and options to consider, we encourage homeowners to reach out to Tucker Hill for lighting recommendations and installation.