5 Signs It’s Time For Rooter Service

Rooter service is named after the issue it originally addressed — tree roots invading the plumbing system. Today, rooter service refers to plumbing repairs that involve pipes or drain cleaning.

Because tree roots grow deep underground, it can be difficult to spot a problem that requires rooter service until you notice one or more of the following signs.

  1. Multiple clogs

Clogs occurring in multiple places around the home could indicate a clog in the main drain system, not in the individual plumbing fixture. In these cases, a plunger or drain cleaner won’t dislodge a clog deep within the system. You’ll need professional rooter service to identify the problem and address it.

  1. Slow shower and tub drains

A plumbing system shouldn’t test your patience. When you remove a stopper, the water should flow down the drain fairly quickly. A slow moving drain could mean there’s a clog somewhere in the system that needs to be addressed. 

  1. Unusual sounds in plumbing fixtures

If you hear bubbling, gurgling, or other strange noises coming from a plumbing fixture or drain, you could have a clogged drain line or vent pipe. The work of locating and repairing the plumbing fixture should be left to a professional plumber. Call Tucker Hill for service if you hear unusual sounds in your plumbing system.

  1. Slow floor drains

A home may have floor drains in the garage, laundry room, basement, patio, driveway, and shower to remove water and prevent water damage caused by flooding. If water is pooling around these drains and doesn’t seem to drain properly, there could be a clog forming deep in the system. You’ll need professional drain cleaning services to locate and dislodge the clog.

  1. Wastewater backup

If you notice wastewater backing up in one plumbing fixture after you use another, then there could be a clog in the drain system. For example, if flushing the toilet causes water to back up in the tub you need to  call Tucker Hill for professional rooter service. Our experienced plumbers are equipped with advanced tools and gear to get the job done quickly and efficiently.