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6 Drain Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

There are steps every homeowner can take to clean drains themselves. But there is a right and wrong way to do so. Here are a few mistakes to avoid when doing DIY drain cleaning.

Chemical meltdown

A tempting solution is to buy a chemical cleaner. These cleaners are not only ineffective, they often contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to plumbing systems. 

Incorrect plunging

The right plunger will depend on the type of drain. Make sure you know which plunger you need before you start trying to dislodge a clog.

To properly use a plunger, place it over the drain and seal it completely. Slowly and precisely move the plunger up and down. Plunging too fast can cause the clog to just move further down the drain.

Poking the drain

A hanger and a stick are poor tools to dislodge a clog. Not only will they fail, they may get stuck and leave dents and holes in the pipes, requiring expensive repairs.

Using a garden hose

A garden hose lacks the power of a hydro jet to unclog a drain. Don’t try to apply pressure to an outdoor drain by hosing it down. You’ll need to call a professional plumber to bring proper hydro-jetting equipment and use the right technique to dislodge the clog. 

The drain may be blocked by tree roots or even small animals. DIY hydro-jetting can cause flooding and damage pipes.

Improperly using a drain snake

A mechanical snake can unclog drains if used correctly. However, avoid forcing a drain snake around pipe corners. Frequent and incorrect use of a drain snake could damage pipes and require expensive repairs.

Not calling Tucker Hill for professional plumbing service

It always feels great to fix a clogged drain on your own. Minor plumbing issues can often be solved by savvy DIY homeowners.

But there are repairs that should only be handled by an experienced plumber who has the necessary tools and equipment. Tucker Hill plumbers are trained to tackle the toughest of clogged drains, quickly and efficiently. So give us a call!