6 Plumbing Fixtures Homeowners Need to Maintain

Not every homeowner is excited about plumbing maintenance, but it’s something that should be done regularly to prevent problems. Whether you hire a professional plumber or take care of maintenance yourself, here are six areas of plumbing maintenance that need to be addressed.

  1. Water heater

The water heater accounts for 14-20% of monthly energy costs, making it an important part of the plumbing system that shouldn’t be ignored. To keep the water heater in great shape, check the anode rod and be sure to replace it every three to five years. If you have hard water, replacing the sacrificial anode will extend the life of the tank.

Homeowners should also drain the water heater once every year or two to remove sediment and maximize holding capacity. A tankless water heater should also be flushed every two to three years.

  1. Faucets

If you have a leaking faucet, you’ll need to check the various components for signs of damage and replace them if necessary. A faulty washer, gasket, or valve may lead to costly leaks and even more serious plumbing issues.

  1. Drains

A clogged drain in the shower, bathtub, or sink may be addressed with a baking soda solution, a zip-it tool, or professional service. To prevent clogs, avoid pouring grease down the drain and keep hair out of the sink when brushing your hair.

  1. Garbage disposal

A garbage disposal is not designed to process potato peels, fibrous vegetables like celery and cabbage, eggshells, bones, coffee grounds, or cooked ice. To clean the blades of the garbage disposal and clear out debris, throw ice and coarse salt down the drain and run the disposal once every two weeks.

  1. Pipes

To protect pipes from freezing or prevent damage from extreme temperatures, insulate them with foam. You can also use a pipe heater cable to keep pipes warm.

  1. Outdoor faucets

Outdoor faucets also need to be protected during the winter season. Install outdoor faucet freeze covers to prevent faucets from freezing.

Periodically, you’ll need to replace plumbing fixtures throughout the home — from faucets and pipes, to hoses and water heaters. If you’d like professional plumbing services to handle repairs or replacements, give Tucker Hill a call to schedule an appointment.