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7 Signs It’s Time To Replace The HVAC System

The HVAC system runs 24/7, cooling and heating the home. Its many parts work together to ensure the indoor temperature remains consistent and comfortable. Eventually, though, it becomes worn out and needs to be replaced. 

Here are a few signs your HVAC system may be nearing retirement.

  1. The system is more than 10 years old.

A typical HVAC system is built to last between 10 and 15 years. Though modern systems are highly durable and efficient, major components will start to wear down around the 10 year mark and you’ll find yourself paying for repairs more frequently. Older systems are also more likely to use the R-22 refrigerant, which is outdated, harmful, and being phased out by suppliers.

  1. The cost of repair is higher than the cost of a new AC.

Just like an old car requires frequent repairs, an old HVAC system will start taking more and more of your time, comfort, and money away. You’ll have to decide if the repairs are worth less than the cost of purchasing and installing a new system. A new system will run quietly and efficiently, eliminating the stress and worry caused by frequent breakdowns.

  1. Energy bills keep rising.

If you notice that this summer’s energy costs are significantly higher than last summer’s costs, the cause could be an inefficient system. If you’ve neglected maintenance and haven’t kept up with repairs, the system may be working harder than usual to keep the home cool.

  1. It’s getting hard to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

A malfunctioning thermostat, low fluid levels, clogged filters, cracked ducts, and damaged motors can make it hard to keep temperatures cool and consistent during the hot summer months. Another cause could be that the air conditioning system is no longer able to keep up with demand because parts are worn out.

  1. Poor indoor air quality.

An air conditioner should do a good job of filtering out bacteria, pollutants, allergens, and other contaminants from the indoor air. But if you notice mold, mildew, dust, or unusually high humidity, you may need to replace the air conditioner.

  1. Unusual odors.

If you smell sewage, mildew, mold, burning, natural gas, or sulfur coming from the HVAC system, turn it off immediately and call Tucker Hill for a professional inspection. There are a myriad of causes for this but you may end up replacing the system.

  1. Strange sounds.

The HVAC system shouldn’t be throwing a rock concert every time it turns on. If you notice it’s gotten louder than usual, schedule a professional inspection to find out if it can be repaired or if it should be replaced.