7 Signs of a Looming Summer Plumbing Emergency

Some plumbing issues you may be able to fix on your own, but can you recognize the signs of a plumbing emergency? Whether you’re renting an apartment or you own a home, here are seven signs you should be on the lookout for.

1. Leaky faucet

You may be tempted to write off a leaky faucet as a nuisance and ignore it, but what if instead of water flowing down the drain, you saw dollar bills? 

Leaky faucets can be an easy DIY trick. All you have to do is replace the internal rubber washer. You could also try tightening the faucet connections or applying thread tape to stop the leak. 

But if these DIY fixes fail, then you’ll need to call in a plumber for professional service.

2. Foul odors coming from drains

Does it seem like there’s a rotting fish at the bottom of the drain? You might try to burn a candle or clean the drain using DIY methods, but actually, what you really need to do is call Tucker Hill for professional service. In some instances, only a plumber can identify the exact cause of the odor. Don’t wait for the sewer to back up into your home or apartment! 

3. Weak toilet flush

A slow flush could indicate a clog down the line that needs professional attention. Don’t ignore the problem, or you could end up with a nasty surprise.

4. Clogged drain

Clogs are commonly caused by hair, grease, food, and soap residue. These clogs can be deep in your home’s plumbing system and require a professional inspection and repair.

5. Puddle of water

A puddle near the dishwasher, toilet, or washing machine is a sign you definitely can’t afford to ignore. Your first step should be to shut off water to that area until you’ve had a plumber take a look and fix the leak.

6. Low water pressure

An easy fix for low water pressure is to clean the faucet or showerhead. Oftentimes, mineral build-up is blocking water flow. If you have water pressure throughout the entire home, then the problem could be with the water supply line. In this case, you’ll definitely need to hire a professional plumber.

7. Skyrocketing water bill

If your water usage hasn’t changed, but your water bill keeps going up, then the cause could be a hidden leak. You could also have water damage, so don’t delay in calling Tucker Hill for inspection and repair!