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7 Signs Your Electrical Wiring is Outdated & Dangerous

There are some things in your home that you can’t allow to become outdated. The electrical system is one of those things. Outdated wiring and breaker boxes pose a serious safety hazard and could lead to house fires.

Here are a few signs of an outdated electrical system that needs immediate attention.

  1. Frequent circuit breaker trips

If you notice the circuit breaker tripping more often than usual and for no apparent reason, the cause may simply be an outdated panel that can’t handle the demands of modern day living. New appliances like large refrigerators or a hot tub require more energy and may put a strain on the entire system.

  1. Frayed wiring

If you notice frayed wiring in an outlet, contact Tucker Hill immediately for professional electrical service. Frayed wiring is a shock and fire hazard that shouldn’t be ignored.

  1. Dimming lights

It’s not unusual for lights to dim if you’re running multiple appliances and large devices simultaneously. But if you notice lights dimming more frequently during your normal routine, then the electrical wiring may need to be upgraded. 

  1. Smoke and outlet discoloration

If you notice a burning smell coming from an outlet, there may be loose wiring inside the outlet causing an arc. This could create smoke and lead to a fire. Burn marks on an outlet also indicate an electrical hazard that should be addressed immediately. Unplug all appliances and devices until your system is safe to use again.

  1. Warm, vibrating outlets

If an outlet feels warm to the touch or if you sense a vibration coming from the outlet, you may have damaged wiring. In this case, plugging a cord into the outlet could cause the wire to catch fire.

  1. Strange noises from outlets and fixtures

If you hear a buzzing or sizzling sound coming from an outlet, there may be issues with the wiring or the breakers may be broken. But if the sound is coming from the light fixture, replacing the light bulb may stop the buzzing. 

  1. Old aluminum wiring

Homes built in the late ‘60s or early ‘70s likely have aluminum wiring, which is 50 times more likely to experience fire damage. Modern copper wiring is safer because it has greater heat resistance.

If you spot any of these signs in your electrical system, it may be time for an upgrade. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation.