3 Electrical Issues That Require Air Conditioning Repair

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are complex appliances that require various electrical components to function properly. Unfortunately, these systems are prone to experiencing a range of electrical problems like tripped circuit breakers and wire issues that can disrupt their performance and cause them to require repair.

It’s essential for air conditioning unit owners to have these concerns fixed immediately to prevent further damage. But, in the first place, how do you identify these problems? To help you, here are three common electrical issues that HVAC units may experience, which may require repair:

1. A Blown Capacitor

The capacitor is a crucial component of your HVAC unit. Its primary job is to send, receive, and store electrical charges to control the whole power system. A defective and malfunctioning capacitor typically loses its ability to have any electrical charge, resulting in repeated air conditioning difficulties such as hard-starting or even performance concerns.

2. A Tripped Circuit Breaker

Has your HVAC been prone to random shutdowns lately? Consider getting its system’s circuit breaker checked.

This issue can occasionally arise due to the blower fan’s motor putting too much demand on the electrical system and causing high voltage pressure, tripping the circuit breaker. This can also be credited to a short circuit issue overloading the breaker, or a problem with its panel itself. If your AC unit regularly trips the circuit breaker, it is crucial to have it inspected by a professional immediately.

3. Wire Issues

When wires are subjected to electrical currents that exceed their design capacity, they may short-circuit. This may be caused by a power surge brought by a storm or due to the gradual degradation of the wires over time. As a result, it can interrupt power flow throughout the system and limit overall performance efficiency.

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