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How to Avoid HVAC Emergencies

This holiday season, as you’re looking forward to spending time with family and friends, take steps to avoid HVAC emergencies that could kill the festive spirit. The following tips will go a long way to keeping your HVAC system functioning properly and efficiently.

  1. Lower the temperature to reduce usage.

The easiest way to reduce the load on the HVAC system during the holiday season is to reduce your usage. This should be easy if you’re traveling, but if you have guests over, turn on the fireplace or use space heaters to heat the home. You can also use fans to help spread the heat throughout the home. 

  1. Seal air ducts and drafts.

Cracks in the caulking around windows and doors allow heat to escape and bring cool air indoors. Do a walk through your home and check for air leaks around windows and doors. Be sure to keep all air vents open to allow the air to circulate freely throughout the home.

  1. Keep up with maintenance.

The main secret to avoiding HVAC emergencies is to keep up with basic maintenance, like replacing the air filter at the beginning of each season, clearing debris away from the outdoor unit, cleaning HVAC coils and blowers, and testing the thermostat’s settings. 

  1. Replace the air filter.

The air filter removes pollutants from the air, like dust, bacteria, mold spores, and pet dander. It purifies the air to protect loved ones from contaminants that could irritate allergies and asthma. A clogged air filter forces the system to work harder than necessary and makes it difficult to circulate air into the home. Check the air filter to make sure it’s fairly clean and replace it if necessary.

  1. Clean the outdoor unit.

Dirt, branches, grass clippings, and other debris can clog the cooling fins and vents in the outdoor unit, making it harder for the vent to discharge air and placing a strain on the entire HVAC system. Use a hose to wash the outdoor unit and be sure to keep a few feet distance between the unit and any shrubbery or objects.

If you do run into HVAC emergencies this holiday season, reach out to Tucker Hill for professional HVAC service.