How To Clean An AC Filter

Summer means your AC is on 24/7 and the air filter is seeing a higher than normal influx of pollutants, bacteria, pollen, and other contaminants.

The Role Of The Air Filter
The air filter is your home’s defense against polluted and dirty air. It improves indoor air quality by trapping dust, dirt, and other contaminants. Second, it helps the AC function efficiently, reducing monthly energy costs. And third, a clean air filter prolongs the life of the HVAC system by preventing dust from clogging key parts, such as the coils.

On the other hand, a dirty air filter restricts airflow and makes it difficult for the AC to cool the home. This leads to inefficiency and higher energy bills. A dirty filter can even lead to serious damage for the entire system. Homeowners should check their filters regularly, at least once every two months, and replace it once every three months.

How To Clean The Air Filter
If the AC filter is reusable, then homeowners need to know how to remove and clean the filter.

Begin by shutting off the AC unit. Next, find the air filter. It’s usually located behind the front grille of the unit. Remove the filter by pulling it out or undoing the clips or screws holding it in place.

Lightly soiled filters can be washed with soap and water, but filters that have a deep layer of dirt should be replaced.

How To Keep The AC In Good Condition During Summer
In addition to replacing the air filter on a regular basis, be sure to clear away debris from around the outdoor unit. This can include leaves, grass, branches, and dirt. The outdoor unit should be allowed to circulate air freely to keep it from overheating.

An AC unit’s seals and gaskets also play a role in overall performance. Make sure they’re in good condition and replace them when necessary to prevent leaks.

Clean the coils on a regular basis to improve efficiency and prevent breakdowns.

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