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How To Cool The Home Without An Air Conditioner

The air conditioner is a modern invention that few modern homes go without. It provides cool air in the middle of a heat wave and keeps the home comfortable at night. But some homeowners are looking for ways to cut down on energy costs.

Reducing or eliminating AC use is one approach. It’s not impossible to live without an AC, but homeowners should also take the following steps when trying to cool their home.

  1. Change ceiling fan rotation

During the summer, the fan blades should run counter-clockwise to create a downdraft. The switch to change the fan rotation is usually located on the side of the fan motor or on the remote control. If you don’t already have ceiling fans installed throughout your home, call Tucker Hill today for help with installation.

  1. Open the windows at night

In most regions, the coolest part of the day is between four and seven in the morning. Take advantage of this free cool air by opening the windows before going to bed.

  1. Apply window-insulation film

Most windows already have low-E coating embedded in the glass to block UV rays from entering the home. But you can add an additional layer of UV blockage by applying low-E film to the interior side of the window. All you need is a pair of scissors and some water to get the film to stick.

  1. Install outdoor window shades

Exterior window shades are popular in tropical regions but can also be helpful during the summer when the heat is especially strong. A few types of shades you might consider include Bahama shades, roller awnings, Bermuda shades, hood-style aluminum awnings, roller shutters, and sunscreens.

  1. Replace incandescent and halogen lights

Incandescent lights waste up to 90% of their energy as heat. If you’re trying to keep cool without an air conditioner, swap incandescent bulbs for halogen lights.

  1. Reduce or eliminate indoor humidity

A comfortable humidity range is 40-60%. During a heat wave, try to keep the humidity as low as possible by avoiding hot baths and showers during the day.

  1. Avoid using heat-producing appliances during the day

Limit your use of ovens, microwaves, clothes dryers, and stoves during the day to avoid heating the home.

If you have any questions or need help installing ceiling fans or eco-friendly appliances, call Tucker Hill today!