How to Drain a Washing Machine

One of the most confounding problems a homeowner might face is a washing machine that won’t drain. When facing a murky mess of clothing, gray water, and suds, the first option that comes to mind is using a bucket to manually remove the water.

Fortunately, there’s a better way. All washing machines have a number of drain override prompts and manual techniques for draining water.

Five Ways to Drain a Washing Machine

To drain a washing machine, you’ll need two buckets (for a top-loading machine), two shallow plastic trays (for a front-loading machine), a hose, and towels.

Method #1

To drain a washing machine, begin by checking the drain hose for blockages. An improperly connected or kinked hose can prevent draining. Straighten out the drain hose and make sure it’s not being compressed by anything.

Method #2

Next, make sure the drain hose is at least 30 inches off the floor but no higher than eight feet. If the washing machine uses a standpipe, make sure there’s no more than five feet of hose in the standpipe.

Method #3

To function properly, the drain hose needs to be loose within the laundry standpipe to create an air gap between the shoe and inside the standpipe. A very snug fit can create a suction effect and prevent the machine from draining.

Method #4

Check the washer’s instructions for a manual override that will prompt the washer to spin out and drain. Typically, manual draining requires advancing the load to a later cycle.

Method #5

One way to drain a washing machine is to force a short-term automatic drain sequence. This feature prevents water from standing in the drum for too long. Open the lid and leave it open for 15 to 30 minutes to initiate the automatic drain sequence.

Method #6

A long-term automatic drain sequence requires leaving the lid closed and putting the machine in a paused state. This will force the machine to drain water, but the sequence may require 24 hours to initiate.

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