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How To Prevent Common Electrical Problems During The Summer

Without electricity, life would feel like the Stone Age for most Americans. No Internet connection, dying smartphone batteries, and no air conditioner during the summer! If this is a possibility you don’t want to face, here are five problems you should be on the lookout for as well as potential solutions.

  1. Electrical overload. 

A few signs of an electrical overload include sparks coming from outlets, overheating receptacles, tripped circuit breakers, buzzing sounds, and flickering lights. Since homeowners tend to use more energy during the summer, the electrical system will have a heavier-than-usual load to carry.

To prevent electrical overload, consider upgrading the electrical panel.

  1. Power outage.

Summer brings warmer temperatures and sunnier days, but it also increases the risk of lightning, thunderstorms, and wind. All of these natural events could disrupt your home’s electrical supply and cause a power outage. 

To keep your home fully charged during a power outage, purchase a surge protector and generator.

  1. Problems with overused extension cords. 

Extension cords are designed to be a temporary solution to high demand for electricity. Before plugging in an electrical cord, inspect it for damage, such as frayed wires or excess heat to prevent an electrical hazard. 

To prevent electrical problems caused by long-term use of extension cords, give Tucker Hill a call to install outlets.

  1. Flickering lights. 

If you notice flickering lights throughout the home, you may have too many appliances and devices plugged in, causing your electrical system to struggle to meet demand.

There may be a list of potential causes, so your best bet is to call Tucker Hill for service.

  1. Tripped breakers.

If you notice outlets frequently losing power, you may be overloading your circuit. A temporary solution may be to unplug a few devices or appliances in the room. To address the core cause of the problem, you will need to hire a professional electrician for a thorough inspection. You may have obsolete wiring and equipment, or your home’s electrical system may need to be replaced to meet your home’s electrical needs.

Give Tucker Hill a call and we’ll take care of the inspection and service.

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