HVAC Services in the Tempe

The Main Components of HVAC And How They Work

An HVAC system is composed of multiple interconnected components that must work together properly to effectively cool, heat, and ventilate a home. Every homeowner should understand the role and function of each of the following parts so that when a problem occurs they’re prepared to take the right steps to make simple repairs.

  1. Thermostat

The thermostat controls the temperature within a home and also monitors air quality and humidity. A poorly calibrated or improperly installed thermostat can cause the entire system to malfunction and fail to heat or cool the home.

  1. Heat exchanger

Heat exchangers move heat from one location to another and are also involved in cooling. The air conditioning part of the HVAC system uses refrigerant to move heat and turn it into cool air that is blown through the ductwork and vents. Gas furnaces utilize the exchanger to warm indoor air using combustion gasses and distribute the warm air through a space. The exhaust is then vented through a flue.

  1. Evaporator coil

The evaporator coil absorbs hot indoor air so that it can be cooled by refrigerant and sent back into the home. The evaporator coil turns the liquid refrigerant into a gas or vapor. A frozen, dirty, or damaged evaporator coil can cause the HVAC system to stop functioning properly and efficiently, increasing wear and tear and leading to system failure.

  1. Condenser coil

The condenser coil releases hot air outdoors and promotes air circulation and filtration by releasing hot refrigerant vapor. A fan causes the condenser coil to rapidly cool the hot air into liquid, which is then returned to the evaporator coil.

  1. Combustion chamber

Also known as a burner, the combustion chamber heats cool air. The chamber uses automatic glow sticks to seamlessly ignite the furnace and heat the home.

  1. Blower motor

The blower motor moves cool or hot air throughout the system’s ductwork. Depending on the size of the home, the HVAC system will be larger and require a more heavy duty blower motor to effectively distribute air throughout the system.

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