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Tucker Hill Air, Plumbing, & Electric is The Industry Leader in Employee Compensation and Benefits Plans

Tucker Hill Air, Plumbing and Electrical, a leading provider of home services in the Phoenix, Arizona market, shared details of the benefits and training it provides for employees.

Tucker Hill offers employees a company contributed 401k plan, industry-leading training, sixteen days of paid time off, and personalized mentoring to help improve their skills and explore career opportunities.

Speaking about the company’s latest updates to employee compensation and benefits plans, CEO Jeremy Prevost said, “Tucker Hill employees are the face of our company. Their happiness and success is our happiness and success. This is why we take pride in serving their needs, just as they faithfully serve our loyal customers.”

As home systems continue to advance, Tucker Hill management recognizes the importance of training employees to use the latest tools and techniques to professionally and efficiently inspect and repair home plumbing, HVAC and electrical systems.

Prevost continues, “From the very beginning, Tucker Hill management has sought to hire and train employees passionate about delivering outstanding service in a kind and professional manner.”

Prevost explains, “We understand that employee job satisfaction has a direct impact on the quality of service they provide to our customers and we believe it is our responsibility to create an environment that supports their career goals and respects their personal needs. With this in mind, we built out a competitive employee compensation and benefits package designed to reward their hard work.”

Tucker Hill is always looking for qualified candidates to join their team.