What is Multi-Zone HVAC?

A zoned HVAC system heats and cools specific areas of the home according to individual settings. This means areas that are prone to extreme temperature fluctuations receive more heat or cool air to ensure the temperature remains consistent. The result is improved efficiency and greater comfort.

A zoned HVAC system may also be ideal for homes in which occupants have different temperature preferences. No more arguing over the thermostat temperature setting.

Homes with large windows or a top floor that is hotter than the rest of the home may also benefit from a zoned HVAC system that will make the necessary adjustments.

How a Zoned HVAC System Works

A zoned HVAC system consists of a typical HVAC system (furnace, air conditioning, air handler, and heat pump), dampers that control the flow of air through the system and into the home, a damper control panel (platform on the HVAC system that receives temperature information and controls the dampers), and thermostats in each zone. The system may have one thermostat in each zone to control temperature, or there may be one multi-zone thermostat and multiple sensors that relay information to the central thermostat.

A multi-zone thermostat allows homeowners to control the system from one location. However, a single or multi-zone thermostat with smartphone connectivity can also be easily controlled using a smart device.

A zoned HVAC system may be wired or wireless. 

Pros And Cons of a Zoned HVAC System

A zoned HVAC system offers advanced temperature control, increased comfort, and enhanced air quality. On the other hand, problems with a zoned system can be difficult and expensive to troubleshoot. The upfront installation costs are also higher than typical HVAC systems installation. Homeowners will need to keep up with maintenance and perform regular checkups to keep the system running properly.

Do You Need a Zoned HVAC System?

Homes with multiple stories, unoccupied areas, and issues with temperature balance may benefit from a zoned system. If the current HVAC system is two-stage, variable capacity, or has a blower with variable speed, a zoned system may be an option. Contact Tucker Hill today to learn more about zoned HVAC systems and to schedule a consultation.