What is Professional Drain Cleaning?

A clogged drain can typically be fixed through DIY methods involving a plunger or auger. Serious clogs, however, may require professional drain cleaning.

  1. Clog assessment

The first step in professional drain cleaning involves assessing the type of drain. Clogs may contain food scraps, hair, soap scum, dirt, hardened grease, and other particles. Homes with hard water may have naturally-occurring minerals that can lead to buildup on pipe and drain walls, making it difficult for waste to pass through and increasing the risk of a clog. 

  1. Video drain inspection

Licensed plumbers may need to use a waterproof video camera to inspect sewer lines and other plumbing pipes, such as those under the home’s foundation.

A high-resolution video camera is attached to the tip of a rod that is inserted into sewage lines and able to travel through a home’s plumbing system to inspect pipes and pipe walls. Video footage is reviewed in real-time, allowing the plumber to diagnose the issue on the spot.

  1. Clog removal

Depending on the location, size, and cause of the clog, the plumber may use a range of methods to remove the clog and clear the drains.

  • Drain snaking

Drain snaking utilizes a long, thin cable that extends into the drain to hook or break up the clog. A drain snake may be hand-cranked or motor-operated. This tool is best for small pipes ranging from 1 ¼” to 2” in diameter. 

  • Drain auger

A drain auger is used for larger pipes in the toilet or shower drain, covering lines ranging from 1 ½” to 3” in diameter.

  • Hydro-jetting

Plumbing systems that have hard water or other buildup may need a more intensive approach. Hydro-jetting will remove stubborn buildup and clear slow-moving drains and sewage pipes. Hydro-jetting equipment may use a blast of high-pressure water up to 4,000 psi.

Regular professional drain cleaning can help prevent buildup within plumbing pipes and reduce the risk of clogs. Homeowners are encouraged to reach out to Tucker Hill for professional plumbing inspection, maintenance, and drain cleaning services. Licensed plumbers are also available to provide advice and recommendations for home plumbing systems.