What Is Rooter Service And Who Needs It?

Rooter service is a plumbing service that addresses problems caused by tree roots invading sewer or plumbing lines. Originally, there was a rooter machine that was used to clean the drains, but today, plumbers use more advanced and efficient equipment.

Modern rooter service now refers to a method of drain cleaning or pipe repair for sewer lines and clogged drain lines affecting the entire plumbing system.

Decades ago, plumbers used a rooter machine that was built from a washing machine motor and roller skate wheels that moved a long, steel cable through underground pipes to remove invading tree roots. This device was then used to create the modern plumber’s snake, which is a hand-cranked or motor-driven cable used to clear sewer or drain pipes.

Modern rooter service still involves the use of snakes, but plumbers also use root-killing chemicals and hydro-jetting to clear serious clogs and sewage backups. Pipes that have become corroded or cracked may need to be repaired or replaced, as well.

Who Needs Plumbing Rooter Service?
A clog can form deep within a home’s plumbing system, causing backups in numerous areas around the home. Persistent slow and clogged drains are a sign it may be time for rooter service.

If a tub or shower backs up every time a toilet is flushed or the washing machine is turned on, there could be a large clog blocking the home’s sewer line.

Patches of unusually green or wet grass could indicate a cracked pipe leaking sewage into the yard. The damage may be caused by invading tree roots that need to be removed.

If you have willow, magnolia, poplar, birch, oak, or citrus trees in your yard, your plumbing system is at increased risk. Other shrubs and plants that can damage the plumbing system include boxwood shrubs, holly bushes, and ivy plants.

Choose Tucker Hill
Tucker Hill can provide professional rooter service you can count on. We’ve helped many local homeowners clear stubborn clogs and repair pipes damaged by tree roots. If you’ve noticed any signs of drain issues, give our team a call to schedule an inspection and service.