What To Do If Your AC Breaks Down This Summer

Summer is the worst time for an AC to stop working. The AC keeps us from losing our cool in scorching temperatures. Without it, we can’t seem to function in modern life.

If your AC does break down this summer, here are a few steps you should take.

  1. Troubleshoot the unit by checking the thermostat, circuit breaker, and filter.

Begin by checking to see if the thermostat is working properly and that it’s turned to COOL instead of FAN or HEAT. If the screen isn’t on, you may need to replace the batteries.

If the AC still won’t turn on, you may have a tripped circuit breaker. Check the panel to see if the circuit has been tripped and flip it back on to see if the AC starts up again. If the circuit breaker keeps tripping, you’ll need to call Tucker Hill for professional service.

Clogged air filters can force the system to work harder than necessary, eventually wearing out key components. Be sure to replace filters on a regular basis to keep the AC working properly.

  1. Don’t open the windows.

Whatever you do, don’t open the windows. Regardless of how hot it feels indoors, the air outside is always hotter on a summer day. Only open the windows at night if the air is cool.

  1. Don’t attempt DIY repairs.

When you’re desperate for cool air, you’re ready to do anything and everything to get the AC back up and running. But in your rush, you could skip important steps and even cause serious damage. Call Tucker Hill for professional service, instead.

  1. Pull down the blinds.

Heat can enter the home through windows. Be sure to pull down the blinds during the daytime to block as much light and heat as possible.

  1. Avoid using heat-producing appliances.

Don’t start baking cookies when your AC is down. You’ll bring more heat into the home and make everyone miserable.

  1. Switch on the ceiling fans.

Ceiling fans can help circulate cool air while you wait for the AC to be repaired.

  1. Leave the home.

If the AC isn’t working at home, simply go somewhere else. The mall, a friend’s house, or the movie theater are a few great places to soak up cool air and pass the time while your system is being fixed.