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What to Expect During Spring HVAC Maintenance

Now that it’s spring, your heater is taking a break and you’re getting ready to turn on the AC. But before you do, take the following steps to make sure your HVAC system is ready for the switch.

  1. Check for loose or corroded electrical connections

The AC is powered by electricity. Problems with just one of the electrical components could bring the entire system down. Chemicals and humidity can cause corrosion, and loose wiring could keep the system from working properly. A trained HVAC technician will look for these issues during an inspection.

  1. Lubricate motors

Moving parts in the motor may need cleaning and lubrication. Or, they may need to be replaced entirely. The motor powers the fan and compressor in the AC, and if the motor is strained, this can lead to overload and burnout.

  1. Check refrigerant levels and address leaks

Refrigerant doesn’t get used up over time. But it can leak. If this is the case, then the cause of the leak will need to be identified and addressed, and the refrigerant must be refilled, or recharged. Refrigerant is the liquid that allows an air conditioner to cool air. Without it, the AC will simply blow lukewarm air into the home.

  1. Inspect blower components

The blower moves air through the coils and into the ductwork. If the blowers are dirty or failing, they will inhibit airflow and reduce the efficiency of the entire system.

  1. Test the thermostat

If the thermostat is miscalibrated or damaged, then it will be sending improper signals to the AC system. You’ll see this reflected in your monthly bill with higher costs, as well as reduced efficiency.

  1. Check and clear the condensate drain line

The AC condensate line drains liquid condensate. Clogs in the drain line can cause water leaks and other humidity-related issues, such as mold and bacteria. An HVAC technician will check for cracks and make the necessary repairs.

  1. Replace or clean the air filter

The air filter needs to be replaced once every three months. If it becomes clogged, the AC will have to work harder to pass air through the ductwork, driving up energy costs and reducing efficiency.

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