Debunking Plumbing Myths: When to Call in the Experts

At Tucker Hill Air Plumbing & Electric, we understand that plumbing issues can be a headache for homeowners. While there are various DIY solutions available on the internet, it’s crucial to separate fact from fiction. We are here to help you determine when it’s time to call in the experts. Allow us to make your first call easy by learning about our Presidential Guarantee, designed to provide you with complete peace of mind when engaging our plumbing services.

Myth #1: Lemon Peels Clean Your Garbage Disposal

Many homeowners believe that tossing lemon peels into the garbage disposal will keep it clean and smelling fresh. While the citrus scent is pleasant, the acid from lemons can corrode the metal components at your disposal over time. Additionally, the stringy texture of citrus peels can wrap around the blades, leading to clogs.

When to Call an Expert:

If your garbage disposal is emitting unusual odors, making strange noises, or frequently clogging, it’s time to consult a plumbing professional. Our skilled technicians at Tucker Hill Air Plumbing & Electric can diagnose and fix the issue promptly, ensuring your disposal functions smoothly.

Myth #2: Flushable Wipes are Safe for Your Plumbing 

Despite the label “flushable,” these wipes can wreak havoc on your plumbing system. Unlike toilet paper, flushable wipes don’t break down as easily and can accumulate in your pipes, leading to blockages. Over time, this can result in expensive repairs and potential damage to your plumbing infrastructure.

When to Call an Expert:

If you’re experiencing slow drainage or recurrent toilet clogs, it’s best to contact a plumbing expert. Our team has the tools and expertise to inspect and resolve issues, ensuring your plumbing system stays in top condition.

Myth #3: DIY Drain Cleaning Solutions are Always Effective

While baking soda and vinegar may work for minor clogs, they often fall short when it comes to stubborn blockages. Commercial drain cleaners can be harsh on your pipes and may lead to corrosion over time. Persistent clogs may indicate a more significant problem within your plumbing system.

When to Call an Expert:

If your drains are consistently slow or completely blocked, it’s time to bring in the professionals. Our skilled plumbers at Tucker Hill Air Plumbing & Electric use advanced equipment to identify and resolve the root cause of the issue, providing a lasting solution for your plumbing woes.

Our Presidential Guarantee:

When you choose Tucker Hill Air Plumbing & Electric, you benefit from our unparalleled Presidential Guarantee. We stand behind our work, ensuring that our services are performed to the highest standards. If any issues arise after our visit, simply give us a call, and we’ll make it right. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities.

Don’t fall victim to plumbing myths that could potentially lead to costly repairs. When in doubt, trust the experts at Tucker Hill Air Plumbing & Electric to address your plumbing concerns with professionalism and precision. With our Presidential Guarantee, you can rest easy knowing that your plumbing needs are in the hands of a dedicated and reliable team. Contact us today for all your plumbing, air, and electrical needs!