How To Clean A Drain Trap

Nobody likes dealing with clogged drains. Fortunately, most clogs aren’t difficult to get rid of, and you can do so with a few commonly found household tools. Our team of expert plumbers at Tucker Hill Air, Plumbing & Electric have compiled this simple guide on how to clean your drain trap. These steps will help you so that the next time you have a clogged sink, you know what to do.

Your drain trap is the curved pipe underneath the sink and looks like the letter “J” or “U.” The function of your drain trap is to catch all the debris, grease, hair, and soap scum before it enters the rest of your plumbing system. Therefore, it’s the most likely culprit for most drain clog issues.

If you’ve experienced slow drainage in a sink, try to clear out your drain trap first. Before you start, remove everything under your sink so that you have a clear space to work. Then follow these steps:

  • Grab a Bucket: Put a bucket right under your drain trap to catch any water that might fall when taking apart your plumbing pipes.
  • Disassembly: Remove the two nuts attaching the trap to the sink and the wall fitting next to it. If these nuts do not move or fall apart easily when you attempt to move them, it may be time to get a replacement trap.
  • Clear Out & Clean: Clear out the inside of your trap with either a large nylon bottle brush or a straightened wire coat hanger. Be sure that all of the parts are completely clean inside and outside. Small pieces of debris stuck between a drain washer and the drainpipe can create a leak. We also suggest using this opportunity to inspect all your washers; they should be flexible and soft. You will want to replace them if they appear crusty and hard, as they will no longer create a proper seal.
  • Bring Out The Snake: If you disassemble your drain trap and find that it is already clean and clear, then we recommend inserting a small retractable drain snake right into the pipe of your wall. Work your snake around in and out, rotating the handle clockwise to try and clear out any potential blockage.
  • Reassemble: After all that you can reassemble your drain trap. Ensure all your washers are properly seated because twisting can become a serious problem. Do not over-tighten the connections first; keep the coupling nuts at a hand-tight level. If a leak does occur, continue tightening little by little until the leak stops. Your washers might be dirty, twisted, or defective if the increased tightness fails. Check on them, then give it another try.

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